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Future Of Shopping

Humankind is leaning towards progress day by day, here is how we see the future of shopping with respect to our current phase of technology. If an individual goes back in time and learn about how much our ancestors have struggled to get here and tell our ancestors that we are flying faster than the speed of sound in metal carriers (airplane) and move from one place to another at a massive speed with convenience (cars) preserve our food for up to 2 days in cold boxes (refrigerator) and countless other things they would consider all these things as sorcery. But the most important thing that will shock them is that the goods that they spend God knows how much time to get can easily be bought and sold with the comfort of home (shopping).

In this blog, we will try to predict the future of shopping considering all the innovations we are using for it.

Smart Stores

Matt Groening in an episode of Simpsons, a very famous animated American T.V show showed that robots will be working in warehouses, well predicted it about right because in 2010 it actually happened. Smart store doesn’t mean that robots will be working in our stores, the fact that a machine is there for our assistance instead of a human is not humane. The true fruition for the term smart stores in our times is about Amazon GO where user gets in by scanning a bar code in the Amazon Go App and then gets in to buy his/her shopping materials in the Amazon GO store no one ‘a human being’ will be working but automatic racks and highly equipped walls with sensors and cameras so that they can tell that user about how much time did they spent in-store and which product he chose to take etc.

Drone Deliveries For Online Shopping

We already are in the times of drone deliveries for online shopping. But not everyone is interested in that. So, it turns out that human beings are more concerned about their privacy than their convenience. Technology is all about making our life easy. But, with the application of AI in different sectors human beings have been let down.


We are running towards progress and for that, we are making technology to overtake our lives. More 30% population of the world thinks of AI as a threat according to tons of surveys! So, what are we thinking? Is AI that strong? Can it overtake our lives? We talked about AI overtaking our shopping and a lot of people showed their negative opinion about spying and privacy as of now, our race is not ready for that sort of change.

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