The software has changed the world and we know why, but that software requires a specific amount of hardware to run. As quick as our computer sciences Industry has progressed we have got into a very modern phase of our civilization what once used to be stored In the huge building is now stored in our pockets. We could only achieve it with one thing and that is computer hardware and How it has changed the world well that’s a deep question and can be answered and that’s exactly what this blog is about.

The Beginning

Every physical invention goes through a psychological phase and that is thought process when the human mind comes up with an idea it changes the fate of the entire world! Alan Turing a brilliant British mathematician came up with an idea of a machine that could decipher secret German messages with complex mathematical formulas during world war two. What was so extraordinary about it? How computer hardware changed the world? That machine was not even big as the computers of that time and it has the world’s first AI that’s right your read it right Alan Turing formulated that machine to perform operations under its own learning process. Time passed and we survived and upgraded our computers by using low voltages and using more efficient Integrated circuits to make them smaller but Integrated circuits weren’t enough to make our computers so, how computer hardware changed the world?

The Microprocessors

In 1971 Ted Hoff and Stanley Mazor made something that would change the entire industry of computers as well as other industries associated with using computers. The microprocessor, their microprocessor is the answer to how computer hardware changed the world they squeezed 2300 4-bit MPU into 16 pin package. This milestone was the gateway to making our computers more efficient and faster and making them for domestic use. Now consider these microprocessors are used in about every electronic we use nowadays. From our TV remote to TV itself from microwave ovens to smart fridges and washing machines microprocessors are everywhere and they play an important role in our lives, they have made our lives easy.

How Computer Hardware Changed the World or Will?

Microprocessors are the answer to how computer hardware changed our world, as well as to question what is coming next? Well, tech giants are spending millions of dollars into making cloud computing more efficient so that it can hold all the processing tasks let’s say if you have 5G you have access to more than a TB/s speed of internet your cloud can hold that task but this technology will take time as we still don’t have 5G rumor has tech giant Google is working on some sort of technology like this and If they succeed in this they will make this statement lighter how computer hardware has changed our world.

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