The role of internet is wordless in our daily life. we rely on the internet for approximately everything we do in our daily lives. From simple questions like who starred in a movie that we loved? or what is the capital of some country? And countless other questions. But, there is also a domain where the internet plays the most important role and that’s education. Today every college or university of has created it’s portals where they update student profiles. Students search for the topics or subjects they want to study. For the new generation, it’s not convenient, it’s important. First I would write about how students used to study back in the days when the internet didn’t exist.

How Students Used to Study Before Study, A Comparison

Back in the days when students wanted to study they’d go to the libraries and search for relevant books which are not easy. They also had to buy books nowadays it’s not that way many countries have fully digitized universities and colleges that do everything on computers and digital equipment. Back when the internet didn’t exist people had to do everything handwritten nowadays we don’t like to type a two thousand words assignment. The most important role of the internet is for universities and colleges is that they don’t have to keep everything in papers as records nowadays they don’t even keep it in their computers but upload them on the student portals which is stored in the cloud. The role of the internet can be better understand by the accessibility of the internet.

Impact of the Internet inaccessibility

Millions of students take online courses for free every year. World recognized universities like Oxford, Yale and Harvard teach online courses for free. Students don’t even have to buy books for research purposes they do their research online. All they have to do is get an internet connection, teachers even record videos of their lectures and upload them on internet access for everyone. Which means learning has got easier in our days.

Internet As a Source of Learning

Most of the people have now started to say that “the biggest university in the world is the web” what this means is that no one can excuse of saying that they don’t have a source to learn. Internet as a source of learning for everyone is as the whole world has become one. especially those people in the third world countries who are eager to learn more and more but the infrastructure of their country’s education system. Education is the only thing that will unite the whole world because as much as we will learn and educate ourselves. We will start to end our fights with each other. The hunger to learn will drive us towards peace and make us learn with each other.

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