With the progress in computer sciences, with the invention of networks more efficient software and microprocessors the world was introduced with another technology the wireless technology. Rays carrying our communicating data, information traveling around us to make them do what we want them to do took some. Through a different bunch of inventions and dedication of a few people, we got introduced to the world of wireless technology. here are the perks of wireless technology

The Discovery

In the mid 19th century Michael Faraday came up with the theory of electromagnetic waves that surround us. But he couldn’t prove it as people back then could not understand why? Since Faraday could not prove it mathematically a young mathematician inspired by his theory proved it with his mathematical theories in 1887 to be precise. Twenty years later a German physicist Heinrich Hertz worked on those mathematical equations and experimentally generated the radio waves.


After radio waves were created, mankind was introduced to a whole new world of wireless technology and as time passed we started to rely on the perks of wireless technology. In the first phase of wireless technology, things weren’t easy as they are now, we used telegraphs and radios to communicate and as time progressed we even invented the telephone but the real development came when we were introduced with mobile phones and no one could ever imagine how much we will rely on this electronic device. Through the realm of time, different people speculated different things of technology about what will happen to the source of communication or when advancement cones people think to an extent that what will happen to the indigenous source of us doing things? Or what will happen to the people who rely on that source but digitalization brought a lot of perks with it and one of them is the perks of wireless technology

The Future and The Perks of Wireless Technology

The perks of wireless technology are tremendous and with what we have right now we can predict what’s coming next. In the future, we could probably find a way to transfer wireless electricity as we have managed to charge our phones with wireless technology and probably that all just theory, we have to make sure that where ever technology leads us it doesn’t lead us towards destruction as human beings are really the beings that have created its own demons. I am not suggesting that we will probably kill ourselves with the wireless technology or create some weapon of mass destruction but we have been doing that to ourselves and we probably should not do that. But we should always hope for better as we, ourselves are responsible for our future or as the Doctor Emmet L. Brown in Back to the Future Part iii (1990) said:

“Our future is not written, it’s we who decide what to write in our future book”

I agree with the doc cause he is doc, nevertheless Dark or Bright it’s really us who get to decide with us in the future so we better make it safe, safe for us and our children and children of our children and let’s stay together in order to make our future bright.

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