Microbes are the oldest living organisms on our planet, in-fact they are the only organisms that have survived all 5 extinctions on the planet as guessed by paleontologists and anthropologists based on the archaeological evidence. Microbes live among us, on us, and in us. A virus is a kind of microbe that can spread from species to species because of it’s adaptable DNA. It evolves from species to species and gets stronger by doing so. How COVID-19 is spreading is part of the story that history has been telling us since the beginning of time.

How COVID-19 is spreading? examples from the past

Covid 19 is, as the scientists are telling us based on the studies because it is a pandemic, and this is not the first time that the human race is facing a pandemic. We have the evidence of a plague that killed half of the population of Europe in the 14th century, then the spread of H1N1 during the First World War which wiped out five percent of the global population.

All the viruses that spread in the past killed a lot of people. Not because they were stronger than COVID-19 but because we were not stronger than them, today we have more advance medicines, vaccines, and machinery that can make those medicines to protect ourselves from these diseases. Technology has been always the role player for us to save our own, but the spreading of COVID-19 is also caused by technology. People carried the disease in their body and traveled from one place to another and infected people on their way via Airplanes.

What Should We Do?

Now that the global bodies have declared COVID-19 a pandemic and, we also know that how COVID-19 is spreading we must take all the safety measures as directed by the medical experts.

First of all, you must not go outside of our homes without any necessities, and if you are going outside keep your distance with people, do not shake hands, stay at least 3 meters away from people. Don’t breathe heavily in a rushy place. As soon as you come back to your home, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, if you are not feeling well, keep your distance from people and ask for medical assistance and above all don’t worry! There is only a two percent chance for your death! Unless or until you are old, or have any other chronic disease.

Humankind has fought many pandemics in the past and will fight this one too! It’s engraved in our DNA to fight our odds and make the chances of our survival until the next generation. It’s we who will decide what will happen to ourselves and our generations to come! Let’s fight Covid 19 and save humanity as nothing is bigger than humanity how COVID-19 is spreading is not our problem how we can fight it is!

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