Reality versus science fiction is a match that can not be predicted as to what is gonna win. Whenever we are introduced to a new sort of technology we go like “wait a minute, it’s like we are in a movie.” We confuse reality with science fiction. Many writers and filmmakers have tried to show us what we are gonna build in the future? And what sort of machines we will are gonna make to help us in the future. And that’s just about right we have that hunger for convenience, so getting back to my point a very prominent machine that they show in movies and has written in novels and stories is self-operating machines and computers. From 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL or (Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer) or Iron Man’s Jarvis we have seen that these computers are capable of doing nearly everything a human can do plus they can do it more efficiently. How are they able to do it? What technology do they have? We are discussing just everything that has anything to do with artificial intelligence or AI. In this blog, I am not gonna discuss what science fiction has suggested, about machines taking over humanity.

Reality versus Science Fiction: Hypothesis

Artificial intelligence is a program that teaches itself to take commands after feeding enough data by data scientists or a program that makes itself self-aware of taking its own decisions after relevant data is fed by data scientists. Now, this whole idea takes a huge amount of coding, time and machinery all at the same time. Making such programs is costly as well. The tech giants all over the globe are spending billions of dollars on this technology and thus start the match between reality versus science fiction.

Pros of AI

Artificial intelligence has pros that have changed our entire fates with face recognition it’s easy for the law enforcement agencies to track down the wanted criminals and finding the missing people who went missing, now that second part was tricky, right? Think about it this way consider a child went missing at a young age and its been since they went missing, all they have to do is, feed some pictures of the person who is lost and the AI can predict what the person is gonna look like when he ages. With facial recognition and retinal scans, AI has enabled us to fully secure and solved the case of missing people or at least it is helpful. But the cons are concerning too

Cons of AI

In 2008 an AI program beat the champions of Go a board game and Chess another board game, what does this mean? It means that no one, not a single human being is gonna become the winner of the game or can be called the champion of that game since AI can beat them later because, as mentioned above AI can learn through data is fed up with. And there are a lot of new AI programs that can run an entire industry for years without any human support. So, where is that leading us towards? What would ours, human beings’ purpose be if all these machines are working for us? It is unpredictable about who is gonna win the match between reality versus science fiction.

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