In ancient times we have always looked upon the stars to travel they. Our forefathers didn’t have any clue of what stars are made up of, and why they shine. Why are they so small and how does their light reach us? When human beings started asking questions and quest to search for answers we progressed in this blog the universe as we know it, you are gonna learn about how we discovered different things about our universe through the quest for knowledge.

The Universe As We Knew It

We were just like a child we used to look up to the sky and speculate and even act like a child. But, slowly as time passed we grew up first we used to be amazed by the night sky and when we were in our growing age we started asking questions and in our current age, we have found most of those answers. The fact that the universe as we know it is fundamental. What once used to look like a light show is now gonna become our colonies

The Discoveries

The major discoveries about the universe as we know it started with questions. Copernicus in the 17th century discovered that we are not the centre of the universe but a part of it and that the centre is sun but authorities before him were not ready to take any ideas they were not open so they burned him alive. Galileo looked through his telescope and proved to the world that Copernicus was right. Edmond Halley discovered the ghost stars and dwarf stars through simple experimental procedures. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity and changed the whole game as we found out answers to the question how do the earth and all the planets are moving in their respective orbits what force drives them to keep on rotating around the sun. Albert Einstein gave his theories about the relativity and time which showed the existence of black holes. The major breakthrough came when Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding and will keep on expanding until the next billions of years. And we are continuously progressing towards new and new discoveries our search for answers is driving us to do so but, what comes next in this quest?

Search For Extraterrestrial Life

The universe as we know it is huge filled with countless stars, planets and even other universes but in all this space we could not find any sort of evidence to the question is there any life beyond us? Is there any life-supporting planet? But we are unable to do so. In 1977 NASA sent a ship into deeper space called voyager 1. As we are trying to find for extraterrestrial life why don’t we leave our evidence so that they find us? The voyager 1 has a golden disc that has more than 100 earth sounds and music and pictures as well that can help the aliens understand about us.

In our quest to discover more and more about our universe especially about aliens. Maybe we are looking for them the wrong way, Earth is carbon-based planet so is it is habitual maybe just maybe the aliens that we are looking for are not carbon-based maybe their planet or star is Sulphur based or some other element right or wrong we are not gonna stop as the hunger for the answers is growing day by day in us.

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