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In most underdeveloped countries, women are not allowed to work side by side with their men. When someone out of the box comes and asks them why are women treated that way they give their own explanations to which the western schools of thought disagree and say that these arguments are baseless and not acceptable. But what it actually is? Are the underdeveloped countries really not giving their women equal rights? Is society really male dominant? In the light of equal rights, let’s compare the women of the third world countries or underdeveloped countries to the women that have equal rights.

Equal Rights

The term equal rights mean that men and women be in the context equality, whatever rule of a state, sees both women and men equally they apply to them with equal balance say suppose women will be paid equally and other laws such as civil rights etcetera you get the idea speaking of women of the third world countries they also have those rights like there is no law in any of the third countries that make men dominate. The actual problem lies in the hands of the ones who respect these laws, the ones who act on those laws the ordinary citizens. Women may say that they have their rights and demand their rights from the book that makes them what they are. The articles in the constitution book the overall law of these states. The problem for these women is that they have to fight their own family members their fathers and their brothers. The fact that women are not allowed to work or continue their education after high school makes them less knowledgeable than the men who easily go to college and graduate. This thing makes them even weaker on the ground of equal rights.

Women Of The Third World Countries and Gender Discrimination

Women often face gender discrimination both at work and at home. Again constitution is there to support them but, the ones who are responsible for that constitution to process the ones who practice and live their daily lives within the constitution don’t let it work in this regard. Women in these countries fight their own for their rights. Their right to study, their right to work and their right for even marriage are in their hands the urban parts of the third world countries have a very low level of gender discrimination but the conditions are worse in the rural areas. Some of The women in third world countries have fame all over the world for their woman rights work.

The concept of equal rights being practiced is complex for the third world countries where women have to fight their own family for their rights because their fight for their rights starts from their home. The actual obstacles that an individual face is outside their homes but in their case it is their own home and family. The concept of equal rights for women in third world countries will be understood through literature and education. Because education is something helps the whole of humanity and has enabled us to live in the very times that we are living.

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